Cluny Abbey

Cluny Abbey

Located in Cluny (71), this Benedictine building extended its influence and influence throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. Its abbey church was the largest in all Western Christianity before the construction of St. Peter’s in Rome.

Abbaye de Cluny

The site, after nine centuries of monastic life, offers a prestigious heritage such as the numerous monastic buildings, a Museum of Art and Archeology containing remarkable works of Romanesque civil sculpture, a monastic town rich in Romanesque and Gothic houses, two churches, a majestic Hôtel-Dieu or a superb panorama from the top of the Tour des Fromages.

The remains of a spiritual center, seat of the largest medieval monastic order in the West are therefore to be discovered by walking under the high Roman vaults and admiring masterpieces of sculpture.

The Haras national de Cluny is worth a visit and offers many activities throughout the year for adults and children.


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Palais du Pape Gélase
Place du 11 Août 1944
71250 Cluny

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