Cascades du Hérisson

Cascades du Hérisson

Cascade Herisson

Cascade HerissonLocated in the town of Menetrux-en-Joux (39), the torrent “le Hérisson” rises at Saut Girard, born from the waters of the lakes of Bonlieu and Ilay.

We will admire the 31 jumps and waterfalls of the Hedgehog during a 3 hour hike (7.4 km round trip).

You will be surprised by the magic of this unique valley.

For around 7 centuries, man settled there and used the driving force of water and the natural resources of the sector: hemp, iron ore, cereals, wood …

Along the path, vestiges are still visible which attest to the continuous industrial activity until the appearance of electricity, at the end of the 19th century.



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Les Cascades du Hérisson
Maison des Cascades
Lieu-dit Val-Dessus
39130 Ménétrux en Joux

80 km from the campsite