Circuit de Bresse

Circuit de Bresse

Located in Frontenaud (71), the Circuit de Bresse responds to your request whether you are passionate about motorcycles, cars, karting or all mechanical sports in general, or looking for thrills or improvement.

Covering more than 50 hectares, this unique set of its kind is organized around 3 poles of complementary activities (speed, karting and safety) to combine passion for motor sports, leisure and need for improvement.

There is an Auto / Motorbike speed track, a Karting track and a 3rd development area dedicated to Safety and Road Risk Prevention.
The Circuit de Bresse complex now offers an unrivaled multi-activity offer, dedicated both to Mechanical Sports and to the challenges of Prevention and Road Safety (unique and exclusive concept in France to date for Safety).


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Circuit de Bresse,
460, route de Milleure
71580 Frontenaud

+33 (0)3 85 76 76 76

22 km from the campsite