Awakening of the senses

Well-known for its quality of life, the gastronomic heritage of the Bresse region is an invitation to well-being and sensory exploration. Let yourself be guided by our renowned ambassador: the Bresse chicken, “the Queen of chickens and the chickens of Kings”.

The Bresse chicken’s story started in the 17th century. But it was in 1936 that the specific breeding area was defined, which still corresponds today to the Bresse area.

In 1957, the Bresse chicken was officially named the “white Bresse Gauloise”, because of its white feathers and its blue legs. Because of its uniqueness, its specificities deriving from this land, it was granted the quality label Appellation of Origin or “AOC”. Today, the Bresse chicken is the only one in the world to benefit from such a legal protection and recognition. The AOC area of the Bresse chicken covers an area of 3,356 km², which spreads over three departments: Ain, Saône et Loire and Jura.

But the gastronomic heritage of our region cannot be restricted to the Bresse chicken. Also renowned are the Bresse butter and cream, which are also protected by an AOC; the delicious shortbread biscuits made from safflower flour (“farine de gaudes”) will amaze your taste buds, just like corniottes (like chou buns); you may also have a go for the delicious Calf’s Head.
You will find excellent restaurants to taste our country cooking, but also numerous markets where you can taste and buy our fine local products and meet our local producers. If you want to immerse yourself into our local gastronomy and art de vivre, feel free to go to the daily market of, and to attend the weekly events organised by, the village near the *** Domaine de Mépillat campsite.
Naturally, for all those who want to discover specific local products, many cellars, farms and other points of sale open their doors to offer their products and advice.


Laughing Cow Museum – Lons le Saunier
Le Hameau Duboeuf