Royal Prisons of Saint-Amour

Royal Prisons of Saint-Amour

Prisons royales

Located in the town of St Amour (39), these 18th century prisons offer a unique visit through their history but also their secrets.
During the reign of Louis XIV, there was a lot of smuggling in this region of Franche Comté. The Justice of Gabelles is established to remedy the illegal trade in salt, tobacco and fabrics. Completed in 1741, this building serves as an auditorium and a prison. After the revolution and until 1869, it only served as a temporary prison for detainees walking from Lons le Saunier to Bourg en Bresse. An audio tour recalls the life of this very special building, which has remained authentic.
During the visit, we follow the path of an inmate for smuggling. We go from the guardhouse to the dungeons while crossing the corridors to “hear”, at the corner of a door or around a staircase, their true story.
These prisons are secure and partly restored. You will visit the jailer’s accommodation, the chapel, the prisoners’ courtyard, two detention rooms, three dungeons with their wicket doors.


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Les prisons royales de St-Amour
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