Adventure adventure course in La Bresse

Adventure adventure course in La Bresse

aventure bresse

Located in St Etienne-du-Bois (01), in the middle of century-old oaks, 10 courses and 125 games await you to go from tree to tree. The routes are suitable for children from 2 years old and for the whole family with 1,300 m of zip lines to jump from branch to branch safely with the Continuous Lifeline.
Located between the Jura and the Saône et Loire, this course offers peace and security for all. This beautiful place resounds with cries of children and songs of birds.

Other possible activities: Archery (by reservation), forest discovery games (groups by reservation). Archery Tag (groups by reservation).

Picnic tables, restrooms and free parking


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Parc Aventure de la Bresse
550 chemin de Chaffoux
01370 Saint Etienne Du Bois

+33 (0)6 44 81 88 41

22 km from the campsite