Caves of Azé


Is curiosity one of your little shortcomings? That’s good: so many cultural must-sees are to be discovered near the *** Domaine de Mépillat campsite.
In order to better understand the local customs, various museums open their doors to unveil the secrets of the daily life of the Bresse and Burgundian inhabitants.
Immerse yourself into a real farm of yesteryear with its furniture and period costumes; come and discover the crafts of past centuries, get lost in the vegetable gardens where the old games are still working. How about taking the place of a smuggler locked up in a royal prison? Or slip into the shoes of an archaeologist who discovers the bones of prehistoric wild beasts?
Art lovers will also enjoy more contemporary museums.
There are so many different topics to discover that it is impossible not to please the whole family.


Caves of Azé

Located in the town of Azé (71), seven cavities are listed on the site of the caves of Azé but only two are accessible to the public : The prehistoric cave, occupied alternately for 300,000 years by men and by […]

39 km from the campsite

Royal Prisons of Saint-Amour

Located in the town of St Amour (39), these 18th century prisons offer a unique visit through their history but also their secrets. During the reign of Louis XIV, there was a lot of smuggling in this region of Franche […]

15 km from the campsite

Revermont Museum

Located in the town of Cuisiat (01), in the old town hall-school of the village, the Revermont museum presents the cultural and social particularities of the region, from the 18th century to the present day. It reinforces a sense of […]

42 km from the campsite

Domaine des Planons – Bresse Museum

Located in the town of St Cyr-sur-Menthon (01), the Bresse Museum – Domaine des Planons – is located on 40 ha of land, 22 of which are open to the public. It allows a family walk to discover old games […]

35 km from the campsite

Laughing Cow Museum – Lons le Saunier

Located in the town of Lons-le-Saunier (39), this museum recapitulates a century of the history of the most famous cow in the world. This place has become friendly, unusual and sassy but very modern. The La Vache qui rit house […]

48 km from the campsite

Forest Museum Farm

Come open the door of this typical “house” to admire a traditional Bressan interior. During a guided tour, live the traditions and admire the costumes and furniture of yesteryear around the foyer. The farm then offers you the opportunity to […]

7 km from the campsite

Ecomusée de la Bresse bourguignonne

Located in the town of Pierre-de-Bresse (71), the Ecomusée de la Bresse bourguignonne has been installed since 1981 next to the castle. It is the place where the memory of the Bressan country is gathered. It offers the public, in […]

34 km from the campsite